Project Layout and Design

First we measure the room - walls, doors, windows, outlets, plumbing locations and anything else important. We find out about what appliances you have and where you want them. Then we do the layout design using ProKitchen. This design program provides us with a blueprint of your floor plan as well as a 3D rendering to see your final look from the cabinet toe-kicks on the floor, to the crown moulding on top and everything in between. A virtual tour of your kitchen, bathroom, whatever the project is, as a final check to see if it all meets with your approval before ordering materials.

This service done alone is priced from $75.00 and up depending on the size and details of the project.
Where a small kitchen or laundry room may be $75.00, a large Kitchen may be $100.00 (or more) and a combination may be a little more yet.

This is not an extra charge to the project if you buy the cabinetry as designed.


As we're talking fees here, I will mention that there is a travel fee if your project is over 40 miles away. See the Free Estimates page for further details.